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GuessBox.io has all the features you need to start finding verified B2B leads & selling consistently via automated email campaigns. We take care of everything for you. Everything from correctly setting up your DNS, Mail Servers and Authentication all the way to individually copywriting each email in your campaign for maximum results. And we're just getting started...

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How To Create The Perfect Outbound Email Campaign

Over 20+ million verified B2B leads are available for search. We have a global database and deal with mainly global customers.

Advanced filters to help you search for leads by location, industry and job title.

Super granular data. Does your business have obscure lead requirements? Can’t find them through GuessBox? For paid users we will search them out manually for you and deliver your verified leads within 24 hours!

If you decide to order our premium  'A to Z' package in which we take care of the entire process for you from finding leads, configuring mail servers, writing the email copy and running the campaign.

But... aside from all of that. As you probably know most lead generation companies provide spreadsheets of 'standard' quality containing names, email, company, job title etc.

Well, we discovered a way of acquiring super targeted data, like your lead's social information (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn URLs etc), their latest posts a sentiment analysis of the posts to conclude mood/personality (over time), titles of any recent news reports involving the client
or the company along with snippets of relevant text (remember data like this can be used for the creation of custom audiences through Facebook / Adwords).

Additionally, we can tell you what groups your prospects belong to, what their interests and likes are. This is a goldmine of data and GuessBox is currently the ONLY company in the market to offer it as part of their lead generation services.

Interested in using outbound email as a marketing channel but don’t know where to start? GuessBox has got you covered! Every new account (free or otherwise) receives a copy of our ever popular introduction into email marketing where you will learn:

GuessBox User Dashboard
  • What makes a good lead and how to efficiently, and effectively prospect for leads.
  • How to craft the perfect ‘offer’ to really incentivize your prospects to reply.
  • How to draft the ultimate ‘first touch’ email to ensure that you communicate your product’s benefits properly and leave your prospect wanting to find out more.
  • The importance of a ‘second touch’ email and why follow ups are so effective.
  • Sales operations. What do once you have a hot lead who wants to more info about your product.

Email Open Rate.
If executed correctly, users typically receive email open rates of between 75%-90%

Response Rate.
Response rates of between 15%-35%
Qualified Leads.
Out of which approximately 40% turn into highly qualified leads.GuessBoxGuessBox users have closed multi-million dollar clients in the matter of weeks simply through the data available in the GuessBox app and our training materials.

Here are some other stats that you'll see before, during and after your email campaign.

Geography: a pie chart detailing where people opened your email from.

Device used: as per above, except it will tell you whether your lead used his computer, smartphone, tablet (or other) to read your email.
Deliverability rate: what percentage of your emails successfully reached the intended recipient.
Bounce rate: what percentage of your emails 'bounced' - meaning they didn't arrive. Emails can bounce for many many reasons so look at the error code in your email.

how many people clicked on links within your email (and what were they?)

Open rate: as the name suggests this refers to the number of people who opened your email.
Sometimes you may find your recipient opening your email several times, nothing to worry about. Folks are just busy.