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All the features you need

GuessBox has all the features you need to start selling through email.

Over 4+ million verified lead records to search for.
Advanced filters to help you search for leads by location, industry and job title.

Niche specific search. Does your business have obscure lead requirements? Can’t find them through GuessBox? For paid users we’ll search them out manually for you and deliver within 24 hours!

Fast export! Need a lead list now? Select your leads, hit export and in a few minutes you’ll have a clean spreadsheet ready to import into a mail client of your choice.

Don’t have enough time to work on your outbound email marketing campaigns? We’ll do it for you! Everything from lead generation, copywriting and email. Just sit back and receive qualified leads into your inbox.

Otherwise, make use of our state of the art outbound email marketing software that was built specifically for cold outbound email and it comes with automatic follow ups, mass list management, and 'one-click' to send options.

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You can get statistics

Email Open Rate

If executed correctly, users typically receive email open rates of between 75%-90%

Response Rate

Response rates of between 15%-35%.

Qualified Leads

Out of which approximately 40% turn into highly qualified leads.


GuessBox users have closed multi-million dollar clients in the matter of weeks simply through the data available in the GuessBox app and our training materials.

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Our team People behind Guessbox

Founder & CEO

Eric Azizian

Founder / CEO

Leni Mayo

Leni Mayo

Investor & Advisor

Business data specialist

Amr Ali

Data Specialist

Web Developer

Talgat Baltassov

Sr. Full-stack Web Developer

Marketing Manager

Arthur Poot

Marketing Manager

Graphic Designer

Toni Yvonne

Graphic Designer

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Robert Azizian

I.T Consultant

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PricingPricing with no gimmicks!

Free Starter Account

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This is the perfect plan for you, pre-loaded with 50 credits.
  • 50 lead credits
  • Ability to export leads into a spreadsheet
  • Multi-filter search
  • Training materials
  • Demo access to outbound email platform
  • Use of our proprietary lead search platform
GuessBox Lite

(limited time only)

The GuessBox Lite plan gets you everything
you need to start finding targeted business leads at a very affordable price.
  • Get First/Last Name, Industry, Company Name/Description/Website, Employee Name/Title & More
  • Up To 500 Leads Per Month
  • Limited access to outbound email
  • Email support
  • If you can't find a data set, we'll find it for - free!
  • Contact us for more information about our business lead packages, outbound email marketing tools & GuessBox Pro by visiting the subscription page from your user dashboard.
Pay Per Lead

$0.40c - $0.60c

100, 1000, 10,000?
Whatever the number
this is the pay per lead plan
  • Specify location, industry, lead role and we will deliver the leads to you personally within 24 hours!
  • OR... Search the GuessBox database for your target leads - only paying per the number of contact details you require.
  • Receive a beautifully formatted spreadsheet ready for outbound email marketing.

FAQ These FAQ will answer your questions, and cover following topics

Email Open Rate

If executed correctly, users typically receive email open rates of between 70%-90%

Response Rate

Response rates of between 15%-35%

Qualified Leads

Out of which approximately 40% turn into highly qualified leads.

GuessBox was made with the intention of providing the most seamless user experience, while giving you the end user full control over what they want to do with their lead data. GuessBox is also the only platform that combines both outbound email with lead generation and offers it as a package for an insanely affordable price!

On the one hand we gather data quite similarly to how other companies grab it - we use computer robots to go ahead and crawl the web to find publicly available information. However, that’s actually a small part of how GuessBox works.

GuessBox finds messy data from all over the web - names, locations, industry types, company names etc and then pieces it together to get a more or less a clear picture of who said person is. Once we have that our systems will go ahead and create / verify as many variations of that person’s information as possible until we hit a match.

This also means that you won’t be getting the same data that everybody else is using and/or has scraped from the web!

Absolutely! You can find all of our video demos and feature release videos on our YouTube channel. There is also a link on the far right of the navigation bar to our videos page.

We understand that we may not always have the data or specific leads you are looking for. If we don’t have a specific data set, a box will pop up after you search, asking you to submit your request directly to us.

Once we get your request, we’ll find you what you’re looking for free! *

As a general guide choose your leads as per the ‘How To Create The Perfect Outbound Email Campaign’ guide, and then use a top down approach. First type in the location of your lead, and hit search. See what kind of results you get back, note the down the ones that are relevant. Then you can start typing in industry | location to narrow them down.

Make sure you have an outbound strategy set up, and you have a couple of variations of email copy written to A/B test in your email campaigns.

These are just the basics of course, once you become a member we will periodically provide you with different resources and strategies to ensure you are getting the most out of using GuessBox. We also post a lot on our blog regarding strategies we found to work, email marketing innovations. In addition to this, make sure to check out our YouTube channel as we frequently upload video walkthroughs and demonstrations of different ways set up and optimize your outbound email campaigns.

We don’t offer a free trial because we don’t believe there should be a deadline of when you need to use the service by. That is why we offer free accounts with 50 lead credits pre-loaded. They never expire so feel free to use them whenever you please.

Free accounts have a limit on 50 leads that they can view/export. Once you have viewed 50 leads, the app will display the above message and ask you to upgrade to a paid account if you want to keep using it.

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